MM63 - All Steel Modular BioDiesel Processor
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BioDiesel Processor System Plans
MM63 BioDiesel Processor Plans
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MM63 BioDiesel Processor Plans
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BioDiesel Processor System Plans
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BioDiesel Processor System Plans
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All Steel Modular BioDiesel Processor
  • Production Capacity: 25 to 50 Gallons Per Batch (2 Hours)

  • Reactor Volume: 63 Gallons

  • Settling Tank Volume: 117 Gallons

  • Wash Tank Volume: 55 Gallons

  • Dry Tank Volume: 75 Gallons

  • Cost Per Gallon: $0.75 to $0.95 (2007)

  • Electrical: 120 / 240 Optional

  • Controls: Automatic Temperature Control

  • Tools Required: Mig or Tig welder, ability to cut sheet metal.

  • Skills Required: Proficient at welding, basic metal working skills, drilling holes, screwing pipes together, basic electrical skills.

  • Materials: Steel, Bronze Valves

  • Construction Cost: $300 to $2000 depending on options

  • Construction Time: 2 to 3 Weeks.

  • Feedstock: Waste Vegetable Oil or Tallow

All Steel Modular BioDiesel Processor
Downloadable Materials:
Printable MM63 Brochure (PDF)
Definitely the most complete and professional set of BioDiesel Processor Construction plans available anywhere in the world!

The 3D computer generated graphics explaining each step of the construction process are amazing!

Bonus Material:

- How to make a simple $10 tool for bending the cone and making it look good!

- All about titration supplies!
(This section alone will save you the money you paid for these plans)

You get over 110 pages filled with detailed drawings and pipe-by-pipe instructions describing each step of the construction process for each component of the Biodiesel Processing System. This isn’t just a Biodiesel Reactor, although you could build just that part if you wanted, these plans describe how to make an entire Biodiesel Processing System that will produce ASTM Grade high quality fuel.
A complete materials list
  • Description of each item
  • Photo of each item
  • Explanation of use when not obvious
  • Suggestions for alternatives
  • Links and suggestions where to acquire each item

Step by step directions for assembly complete with,

  • Professionally drawn Full Color 3D Diagrams
  • Labeled Cad Drawings and Diagrams

Supplementary information

  • All about the Chemicals including MSDS Sheets
  • Save Money on Titration supplies and glass-ware
  • Links to the best biodiesel resources available on the internet

Special Tool that You can make in an Hour to bend the cone with professional results!
MM63 Parts Kit Add-On
(Pump sold separately.)
It includes almost everything you need to build 1 reactor and 1 wash tank. That's enough to fuel a personal vehicle or two...or three.
You will still need to purchase the drum, structural steel, electrical control system and wire. Most people use regular household light switches, boxes, etc. You'll need a sheet of steel to make the cone but you can use bed frame steel to make the legs and any brackets you might need.
MM63 Kit weighs 70 Pounds!
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