The "Super Oil Sucker" Vacuum Collector
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Super Oil Sucker Plans
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Super Oil Sucker Plans
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Super Oil Sucker
Downloadable Materials:
Super Oil Sucker - Flyer (PDF)

These plans will show you how to build an incredibly effective device that can be used to collect waste vegetable oil. It utilizes a pressurized tank, some hoses, a vacuum pump, and a few electrical hook-ups. In a matter of hours you can create your very own Super Oil Sucker and be ready to go out collecting oil! A super sucker can suck the oil out of a 55 gallon drum in under 30 seconds.There is no substitute for speed. Several people have built oil collectors like this and have been incredibly impressed with how easy they are to use, how quick they work, and how clean they can be.

How It Works:

The Super Oil Sucker works by creating a vacuum in a pressurized tank with an attached vacuum pump. A hose is then attached to the tank and the other end is then placed in the barrel of oil that you wish to collect. Then, you simply open a valve between the tank and the hose and the vacuum in the tank literally "sucks" the oil out of the barrel and into the tank. Hence a "Super Oil Sucker!"

Frequently asked questions can be found at the bottom of this document.
Skills Required:

- Basic Welding Skills (or find someone that can)
- Basic Wiring (if you can wire a trailer, this will be a breeze)
- Mechanical Aptitude (you'll be assembling some valves, pumps, and tubing to a pressurized vessel)

  • Easy to Build

  • Sucks up oil fast (greater than 1.2 Gallons per second!)

  • Inexpensive if you can find a pressure tank to hold the deep vacuum

  • Reliable because there are few moving parts

  • Will suck up cold thick oil

  • Works for all volume requirements from five gallons to five thousand gallons

  • Will not emulsify your oil like a centrifugal pump

  • Quiet operation. Does not add to noise pollution
Super Sucker 50 Gal
50 Gallons
Downloadable Materials:
Super Oil Sucker - Flyer (PDF)
These instructions are about 20 pages and cover all the aspects of building a super sucker.

  • Which pumps work
  • Sizing the Pump
  • Powering the unit
  • Hoses and Materials
  • Parts suggestions
  • Full Color Pictures with Diagrams and Labels
  • Support from the Author
Super Sucker 250 Gal
250 Gallons

Will a super sucker really suck up waste vegetable oil?

Yes, and it does it amazingly well.

My waste vegetable oil usually has a lot of food in it. Will this hurt the super sucker?

Food will not hurt the super oil sucker unless you get so much of it that it clogs your suction hose. I have sucked up entire potatoes (complete with the skin still on them) without any adverse affects.

How fast will a super oil sucker suck?

That depends on many factors such as temperature, how much vacuum, size and length of your suction hose, etc etc. Generally speaking, if you follow the instructions, your super sucker should be able to pull in something greater than one (1) gallon per second. (60 gallons per minute). Some folks have installed extra large suction hose and can pull in over 3 gallons per second.

How much will it cost me to build one?

That depends on how big you make it and how cheaply you can find the parts. Small suckers run around $200 while larger units can run up to $500. If you can find the tank for free, the rest of the cost is in the vacuum pump and the suction hose.

Do I need to be able to weld to build this sucking device?

Generally speaking, yes you need to be able to weld. However, it is possible to make a super oil sucker without welding if you find the right tank that has a large screw port on the bottom and a screw port of any size at the top.

Will this device work in the winter?

Super oil suckers can suck just about any liquid that will "seek its own level". However, if the oil has gotten so cold that it clumps and doesn't flow than the super sucker won't be able to move it. In this circumstance, no pump available will move the oil. Your only option is to collect the entire container and leave an empty one.

Why can't I just use my wet-dry vacuum?

You could but it would probably destroy the vacuum, it would probably make a mess and slop oil everywhere, and it wouldn't be very fast.

Can these plans be used to make a 500 gallon Super Oil Sucker?

Yes! These plans can be used to make almost any size Super Sucker but we don't recommend you go smaller than 20 or 30 gallons.

Are there any hazards or dangers to be concerned with?

Potentially hazardous conditions would mostly be associated with the transportation of large quantities of vegetable oil. Always be sure your load is secure!

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