Mag Drive Pumps is proud to offer these magnetically driven centrifugal pumps. We’ve designated them the MMAG1.

With the inherently leak-proof seal-less design and their compatibility with strong acids and alkaline solutions, these Ryton® constructed pumps feature an almost unlimited range of application possibilities.
MAG Drive Pump
Model: MMAG1
$1,150.00 + Shipping
Note: You will be billed for shipping separately, the item weighs 45 lbs.

Note: Pumps are available in the USA & Canada only.

Mag Drive Pumps
The perfect solution to the Murphy’s Machines Vacuum Dehydrator systems, these pump units are fully compatible with the vegetable oils and chemicals used in biodiesel production.

From vacuum dehydration and methanol recovery operations to methoxide solutions, these magnetic dynamos will provide a long history of reliable service.

Construction: Glass filled Ryton® Housing and Impeller

Design: Leak-Proof, Seal-Less Magnetic Drive Centrifugal

Weight: 40 Pounds

Maximum Temperature: 200 Degrees Fahrenheit

Ports: 1.5” FNPT Suction, 1” MNPT Discharge

Configuration: 4 Position Discharge for ease of mounting. (Pump can be rotated on motor)

Housing O-Ring: Viton

Motor: (Single Phase) 3/4 HP - 115/230 Volt - 1 Phase - 50/60HZ – 3450 RPM. Thermally Protected, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled, Capacitor Start Motor

Full Load Amps: 11.9/5.9

Duty Rating: Continuous Duty
  • Acid Pump
  • Circulation Pump
  • Brine Pump
  • Alkalis Pump
  • Solvents Pump
  • Electroplating Pump
  • Electrocoating Pump
  • Sterile Solutions Pump
  • Hydroponics Pump

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can these pumps be used as the main mixing pump for a biodiesel reactor?
A. Yes, they would make an excellent biodiesel reactor pump. That said, you may want to consider one of our HVI series units as a more cost effective approach.

Q. Can these pumps operate under vacuum and pressure?
A. Yes. Vacuum is not a problem but they have a maximum system pressure of 25 PSIG.

Q. Can this pump be used for mixing methoxide?
A. Absolutely. They make excellent methoxide mixers due to the seal-less design and Ryton® housing. No worries of leakage and a fully chemically compatible design make these units ideal for methanol related operations.

Q. Can these pumps be mounted horizontally or vertically?
A. Yes, they can be mounted in any position.

Q. Is the MMAG-1 a positive displacement pump?
A. No, the MMAG-1 operates like a standard centrifugal pump, just without
seals to leak.

Q. Is the MMAG-1 self priming?
A. No, the MMAG-1 is not self priming. It must have a flooded suction to operate correctly.

Q. Can the MMAG-1 run dry?
A. Yes it can! The MMAG-1 can run dry without any fluid in the pump what so ever for up to 8 hours without damage!

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